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Recycled and Secondary Aggregates and their Use in Construction
Posted on Sunday 24 August 2014 - 13:20:48 by admin  
Recycled and Secondary Aggregates and their Use in Construction


Over 30 billion tonnes of non-renewal resource in the form of aggregates are used per annum worldwide in the construction sector. A significant amount of this can potentially be replaced by recycled and secondary aggregates (RSAs). Funded jointly by BCA’s Sustainable Construction Capability Development Fund and the Singapore construction industry, a state of art review of global knowledge from over 4000 publications on RSAs and their use in construction, undertaken by Prof R K Dhir OBE and his team over 2½ years, has recently been concluded. In this workshop, he will discuss the salient aspects of this review relating to potential use of recycled aggregates (RA), glass cullet (GC) and sewage sludge incinerated bottom ash (SIBA) in concrete, geotechnical, road pavement and other applications.
The workshop aims to provide understanding of:
• The state of the art review of global research covering major RSA waste streams.
• Characteristics of the selected RSA materials and discovering their potential for use.
• What has been achieved globally and can be used and potential for further applications.
• Dismantling barriers to the use of RSA in construction.
• Environmental Issues and the status and role of the related standards and specifications.
• Case studies to demonstrate potential for use of RA, GC and SIBA materials.
• Potential for developing innovative and sustainable further use of RSA materials.

Please download the flyer from here Recycled and Secondary Aggregates and their Use in Construction

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