[workshop] 21-21 March 2013 Eurocode Design of Precast Concrete Structures

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Prefabrication as a construction method and concrete as a building material have many advantages over traditional
construction methods and other building materials, which include speed, economy, high quality and versatility. It is
an industrialized way of construction, with inherent benefits that has led to the proliferation of precast construction
around the world. The full benefits that that this technique has to offer can be enjoyed when proper attention is paid
at the planning, design, fabrication and construction stages.
This seminar aims at familiarizing participants with the issues involved in the planning, design, construction and
safety aspects of precasting / prefabrication with emphasis on high rise precast concrete structures. The course
gives a synthesis of the most recent knowledge about the design of precast building structures against a background
of 21st century innovations in concrete production and construction technology.


Ir. Arnold Van Acker
Ir. Van Acker has been working for the last 50 years in the precast concrete
industry. Since 1987, he has been working at the R&D department of the
Consolis Group, a leading European manufacturer of precast concrete products
and structures, with more than 100 precast plants in 20 countries, over 8000
workers and a turn over exceeding 1 billion Euros. He has been a member of the
Belgian standardisation committee for the design of concrete structures,
member of the Drafting Committee of the European Standard Eurocode 2 for the
design of concrete structures, and convenor of the Work Group “Structural
precast concrete products” of in the European Committee for Standardisation
CEN, CEN TC 229. He is also an expert in the fire resistance of precast concrete
building structures.
He is still very active in prefabrication, more precisely as an expert of the
Belgian Precast Concrete Federation (FEBE). He is also visiting professor at the
High School for Engineers in Ghent, and member of the International Concrete
Federation fib – Commission on Prefabrication – since 1978 and chairman from
1986 till 2002. He has been awarded with the FIP medal for outstanding
contributions, and is internationally known through his conferences and Master
Courses on the design of precast building structures all over the world.

More information on registration here Eurocode Design of Precast Concrete Structures - Mar 2013.doc.pdf

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