Dr. Lau Yat Sun

1986/1987 & 1987/1988

Dr Lau was Adjunct Professor at NTU from 1985-2002; Chairman, Singapore P.S.B. Technical Committee on Structural Engineering Practice 1993  2001; Member, Singapore P.S.B. Technical Committee on Code of Practice on the Structural Use of Concrete 1990 & 1999; Member, LTA Advisory Panel 2002 From 1952 to 1959, Dr Lau has held positions as Assistant Engineer to City Engineer, Nottingham. Municipal engineering and design of prestressed concrete viaducts. He has also been Assistant Engineer to Maurice Nachshen, Consulting Engineer, London.

Site Investigations and design of multi-storey buildings and Engineer in Taylor Woodrow, Ltd, U.K.. Planning and construction of power station substructures, precast concrete design, and missile launching site construction.

He established a civil/structural consultancy in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 1960 and in Singapore in 1964, with overall responsibility for investigation, planning, design and supervision of works including foundations, tall buildings and towers, wharves, roads, bridges, water supply, sewerage, drainage, industrial plants, aircraft hangars and other airline facilities, in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Iran, serving public authorities, statutory boards and others. Dr Lau is currently interested in the field of forensic engineering.