The PBU (Prefabricated Bathroom Unit) Manufacturer Accreditation Scheme was launched at the workshop titled “PBU-Prefabricating Our Future” held on the 6 August 2014 organized by the BCA Academy. It is developed jointly by BCA and SCI. However SCI will administer the scheme and award the Certificate of Accreditation. It is mandatory to use Prefabricated Bathroom Units (PBU) in non-landed residential Government Land Sale (GLS) sites. The Land Sales’ conditions as well as the Regulations and Code of Practice on Buildability will be amended to reflect this mandatory requirement for PBUs. The accreditation assessment emphasise on capabilities, processes and specific quality criteria for PBU. The scheme ensures quality assurance and control in production of PBU. It sets the process for PBU manufacturers to produce high quality PBUs and maintain the good



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