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Construction Productivity and Capability Fund (CPCF)

The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) has introduced a S$250-million Construction Productivity and Capability Fund (CPCF) as part of the Governments efforts to help the construction industry improve productivity and strengthen its capability.

The Fund comprises incentive schemes that focus on workforce development, technology adoption and capability development in Singapores built environment:

Workforce Development
– BCA-Industry Built Environment Scholarship Scheme
– Workforce Training & Upgrading

Technology Adoption
– Building Information Model (BIM) Fund
– Mechanisation Credit (MechC)
– Productivity Enhancement Voucher (PEV)
– Productivity Improvement Projects (PIP)

Capability Development
– Construction Engineering Capability Development
Request for Proposal (RFP) is now open till 31 August 2010.
Guidelines and application forms are now available.

BCA started a series of briefings to the industry since 19 April 2010. The slides present an overview of the various schemes under the Construction Productivity and Capability Fund (3.57Mb .pdf).

We have also the Building Information Model (BIM) Fund slides (80kb .pdf).

There are other schemes on workforce development and capability development administered by Workforce Development of Singapore (WDA), and SPRING Singapore.

Businesses can also enjoy tax deductions for their efforts to improve productivity through two other schemes the Investment Allowance Scheme (administered by BCA) and the Productivity and Innovation Credit (administered by the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore).


For more information on the incentive schemes under the Construction Productivity and Capability Fund (CPCF), please call the toll-free hotline: 1800-325 5050

or the respective contacts under the various schemes:

BCA-Industry Built Environment Scholarship Scheme
Ms Tan Hoon Wee, Tel: 6325 5027, Â 6325 5027 / E-mail: tan_hoon_wee@bca.gov.sg

Building Information Model Fund
Ms Cindy Lew, Tel: 6325 1107, Â 6325 1107 / E-mail: cindy_liew@bcs.gov.sg

Construction Engineering Capability Development
Mr Simon Koo, Tel: 6325 2104 , 6325 2104  / E-mail: simon_koo @bca.gov.sg

Mechanisation Credit
Ms Tan Mui Kheng, Tel: 6325 5067 , 6325 5067  / E-mail: tan_mui_kheng@bca.gov.sg

Productivity Enhancement Voucher Scheme &
Productivity Improvement Project Scheme
Ms Ng Geok Kuan, Tel: 6325 5068 , 6325 5068  / E-mail: ng_geok_kuan @bca.gov.sg

Workforce Training & Upgrading Scheme
Ms Pauline Goh, Tel: 6325 5078 , 6325 5078  / E-mail: ;pauline_goh@bca.gov.sg



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Dear SCI Members 

In view of the current social distancing restriction due to Covid-19, this year AGM will be conducted through “ZOOM” on 27 Aug (Fri), 4pm. This year, we have arranged a technical sharing session, as a form of virtual networking before we proceed to the meeting proper. I hope all of you can attend. 


Part 1: AGM – Technical Sharing Session- 27 Aug 2021 3.30pm to 5.30pm(Open to all)

2. The technical session aims to share on the topics related to digitalisation, automation and technological transformation for the Built Environment 

Note: More details of the session will be send at a later date

Part 2: AGM Meeting – 27 Aug 2021 5.30pm to 6.30pm (SCI BODs and Members Only)

3. Part 2 for the 43rd AGM meeting will discuss on:           

a. Confirmation of Minutes of the 42nd AGM
b. Matters Arising from the last AGM(Annex A)
c. President’s Report
d. Honorary Treasurer’s Report
e. Election of Board of Directors 2021/2022
f. Election of 2 (Two) Honorary Auditors 2021/2022
g. Any Other Business 

5 . In accordance with Clause 9.3 (f) of the Constitution, members wishing to raise any other matters under AOB are required to give notice in writing to the President at least one week before the AGM, ie Friday, 20 Aug 2021). 

6. Please send your returns, nomination form and Reply slip for 43rd AGM attendance to Ms Edina (scinst@scinst.org.sg)